Saturday, 24 November 2012

Well, I'm back from my very short trip to good old Germany. My grandpa is quite ill but he got over the first operation okay. let's hope he'll be okay

Friday, 16 November 2012

Give Away at Heather's


I know you are shocked but I just thought I'll tell you that Heather is having yet another give away over at Isn't she generous. Anyway why don't you pop over and enter. all you need to do is to be a followerer of her blog and post about this on your blog.

Good Luck! x

Unscheduled Trip....

Hallo my dear friends,

I must apologize that I haven't updated Henry for a while. It's not that he's been cast in the UFO box. Far from it. I do stitch on him from time to time. But there where a few things which had to be done first:

My grandpa is poorly, very poorly. He has bowel cancer and will be operated on next Thursday. I've had a bad feeling for a while and a bid urge to visit him. That's why I booked a flight to go and see him. As you might remember my family in Germany is not the most loving and I am the black sheep because I dared to have more than two kids and never do as I am told. ;-) It is very difficult for them because my brother and cousins always do so which is easy because they are not only local but also have no kids. Anyway I have been told to wait and see and  to stay away for now. But I am going. So there! And I am actually looking forward to see my grandpa even though my grandma isn't. I will be staying at my friends house, which is so very kind of her.

My own kids have been in the wars too in the last year. I don't usually write about them because this is a stitching blog. My just so you'll understand: my 4year old has one accident after an other due to VERY loose ligaments and my eldest has a bad injury to her thumb also due to loose ligaments. it did happen in November 2011 and she still can't use her right hand at all. She now has trained herself to use the left hand. I have a lot of appointments with her. She is waiting to be seen by Manchester Children's Hospital to be checked out for her dizzy spells

As we all know Santa will be coming soon and this time of year is very busy when you have kids. I love the Nativity at school don't you? It's always me who waves at her child and sniffles all the way through because I am soooooo proud. And there are the parent's evenings. I really find them a waste of time for primary children because these teachers never do tell what's going on. Must be against their human rights. :-D

Anyway I've managed to postphone all appointments for next week and am going to Germany if they want me or not. I haven't flown for 7 years and my OH has to look after my four sweeties for 3 whole nights by himself. So I am nervous. ;-)

And if there isn't going enough going on in my own life: there are people which had to share the most horrible things with me. I know it is bad and I do feel for you and your family but I did say, there will be not much more I can take. You know how it is sometimes one has so much troubles that it would be bad if someone else unloads their trouble onto you and you would not be able to go on without breaking out in tears. It is important being a good friend and to support your friend when they are going through a rough patch. But it also important for the friend to know how much their friend (in this case me) can take. What do you think?

So I think I have winged enough. Give yourself a star if you have read it all :-)


Monday, 5 November 2012

Give-Away over at Heather's

Hiya friends,

I'm just passing but I like to tell you about the fabulous Heather is hosting at Her blog is really ace. So just head over and have a go.

Bianca x

Thursday, 18 October 2012


I have been busy stitching but somehow not managed a lot. The footie was on an Germany managed to lose a 4 goal lead and drew in the end. I say sack the manager and the useless goalie. I mean what use is a goalkepper who insists on repeately coming out of his goal and strolling down half the field. But then again I di know nothing about football and use it as a boring telly program to stitch too ;-)

As you might have seen on the top of this blog: I am going on holidays. Well, I'm taking my then 5year old to see his German family. Hubby is going to look after the others for a whole week. I know he'll manage but I'll miss them. But this trip is for Mario and me. I feel a lot better in myself since I've booked our flight and the nightmares have gone. 160 days to go.

Have a great day

Bianca x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Yes, I know I should have been updating my blog more often. But sometimes I just update Facebook and the forget this poor thing.

No, I have not cast Henry byside. Okay I took a break because I wasn't too well and also I have stitched a couple of other things in between:

Charlotte's stocking

A Scotland Coaster

Christmas Stars

A London Guardsman
And here is Henry as he and his girls look today:
King Henry

Friday, 24 August 2012


 as you know I was dreading my visit to London because I sometimes get lost. But I did enjoy it! Really I did. Okay I did not see everything but this was mainly due to the nature of my visit. I went there because I needed a new passport and the embassy wanted the presence of my fingertips for fingerprints. While I was there I went on a tour through the state rooms at Buckingham Palace. it was absolutely amazing. I was in rooms which are used for receptions and where people receive all sort of honours like an OBE or a knighthood and had a cakey in the garden cafe

I went for a walk about in Green Park (right next to the palace) and even ventured past James' Park to the houses of Parliament and saw Big Ben. It was 8.30 am when I saw Big Ben and it struck. Well I was surprised how quiet it was. I expected an enourmous BONG but it was a tiny bong which was really rather lovely

After my date at the Embassy I had enough time left to go and see the changing of the guards. WOWEE! There were soooooooo many people. See the difference between a photo taken at 8 am and one at 11.30am :

Buckingham Palace at 8 am

Buckingham Palace at 11.30 am showing the Fountain

And here is little very shaky video of what I saw during the Changing of the Guards.

I like London so much that I am certain I'll be going back again before my new Passport runs out ;-)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

King Henry Update 9th August

I have another finish. This little bear has been on my list for a while. It's only very little but somehow it got pushed to the back a few times. It is a Rico Design and even comes with it's own frame. I have added "Gute Nacht" because it will help my little boy to have sweet dreams when he goes to sleep :-)

And here is Henry. I have been busy with other things as well as stitching the other design. This is why I haven't managed too much this time ;-)

Monday, 6 August 2012

King Henry Update and Two small finishes

I have been struggling with Anne's dress. But it's finally coming along.

Mr T has discovered his love for anything Thomas. I did start this little cushion a while ago but struggled with fitting the name neately into the space for the ticket. The chart said All Aboard in capital letters. I'm not too keen on writing things for kids in capital letters as they'll need to write their names properly once they're in nursery

This cat has had to be finished. I usually stitch something small when I take Mario to my friends house for his piano lessons. But I have been stitching this cat for nearly 4 lessons now. Last week I left it without a head. But now it's finished and waiting to be turned into a hanger for the Christmas Tree festival.

Tonight I am hoping to stitch more on Henry and his wives.

Oh before I'll forget: I have researched Henry amd his kids and know now more but this is not a history blog. So you'll have to do your own research if you'll want to know more but be warned it's rather sad.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

King Henry 4th August

King Henry is coming along. I have started the dress of Wife No 3 and Wife No 4. As you can see I have put a measuring tape on the picture. King Henry was really a rather large guy wasn't he? He must have been rathe scary because no one was THAT big in them days. I believe he was believe he was 6' 2". Stitching Henry got me thinking about the history of Britain. I want to know more about Heny's kids. Why did Edward die so young and why did Mary die? Did you know that Henry changed the law, so that his daughters could become queens? What would Britain have become without the powerful Queen Elizabeth I?

Anyway I'm still watching the OLympics and enjoying it (most of the times). Does anyone know about that funny guy who starts the cycle races? Our theory is that it is a postman and the others are chasing him because he's got their post. But I'll doubt that is the real reason...

What do you think?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

King Henry Update 2nd August

Well, I must say the Olympics are rather thrilling although I am getting bored of the swimming. I really enjoyed the Three Day Eventing and was pleased to see that Team D has won GOLD! YEAH! Michael Jung is now European, World AND Olympian Champion in his sport. That is a first. And he got Gold on his 30th birthday!!! But this is not a sport's blog. I am sure you are poised to see King Henry. As I say I have been watching the Olympics and didn't get as much done as I wanted to but here he is:

Monday, 30 July 2012

King Henry 30th July

Ups, I've nearly forgot to give you an update of King Henry today. Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday. By the way it is not for my boy (way too racy for him LOL) He was just complaining about the missing eyes and wanted me to add them asap. I think I will be updating every two days from now on... It's kinder on my SD card ;-)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Update 29th July King Henry

Here is today's update. As you can see Henry has got eyes now. So my little boy is pleased ;-) So far I am still enjoying it and am not showing any sign of getting bored of it yet. It really does help to cross out every symbol on the chart as I go along :-)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

King Henry Update 28th July 2012

Here it is today:

I have been told to add the eyes. So I am hoping to do this today but certain little troublemakers are rather cheeky today. So we'll have to see what we'll manage to do tonight ;-)

Friday, 27 July 2012

King Henry Update 27th July

Here is todays update. I'll be watching the Olympic Opening later. So I don't know if it is too great to stitch to or if I can do both.

I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I am going to London in a month. The Embassy is requesting my presence. Well, I have made an appointment for my new passport (not that I'm planning to go anywhere). I don't really do Cities but I've gotta because they'll need my fingerprints and I can't send them in the post. So I thought why not go and have a peep in the palace too (I know there are more than one but I mean the big one). So I have booked my ticket for a peep round the state rooms and am getting excited :-)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

King Henry Update 26th July 2012

As you can see, henry still has got scary eyes but he must have enjoyed his tea last night because he's grown a belly ;-)

I'm actually looking forward to doing his coat. Let's see how much I manage today....?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

King Henry Update 25th July 2012

It is way too humid to stitch but I have given Henry a face. looks scary without his eyes but he looks a lot better now he's got a head ;-) . I'm not sure if I manage a lot of stitching today because as I said: it's too hot:

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

King Henry Update 24th July 2012

As predicted it is going slowly or better slower than usual. But this is mainly because I have made a working copy of the chart and am crossing out the symbols as I go along. The frame is rather big as well which makes my back hurt when I lean forward to stitch but I think I have found a solution to this....
It doesn't look much as a whole ;-)

The close up looks a little better :-)

Monday, 23 July 2012

King Henry

You know I have told you about King Henry? Well I am really scared of it. There are 8 pages. EIGHT!!!!! So I have decided I'll blog every day (unless I forget) and put on a picture. Here's todays:

Okay, You are right there is nothing  on it yet. Nothing but a couple of lines to mark the middle but I was a bit busy today. Lets hope there is something to show tomorrow.


I have taken part in a SAL. Everyone was to stitch the exact same design. I don't know why but somehow I was racing teeny weeny bit. So it is finished already. It's a design in the All Our Yesterdays (or is it yesteryears?) series by Faye Whittaker. It's "Come Skip with me" from the blue book:

Saturday, 21 July 2012

My new BIG project

I must be mad but this is my new big project. It was a present from my OH for our 16th anniversary which is a teeny bit funny if you'll think about it which we won't ;-)

Anyway this is massive 14 x 17 inches. So I'll doubt I'll stitch it in one go but the colours are just amazing and educational. I'll keep updated but first of all I'll need to find a frame big enough for this

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tatty Teddy

Yeah! I have finished this big sampler: A Day in the Life of Tatty Teddy. It was much bigger than I thought. All 6 teddies are normal sized and the border..... but I have finished:

The picture doesn't do it justice though. I'll get a better one when I get time

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Round Robins

Round Robins: They are a fun idea and in theory a great way to do things you would not think of before. But I must say, I've had enough of them. So I am announcing my retirement from them ;-)

I have taken part in four. The first one has had a Christmas Theme and everyone had a sub-theme. Mine was Flowers. There were 4 members. Anyway we had really tight time schedule because it was to be ready for Christmas. I was quite new to stitching and the lady before me send late because she was a slow stitcher and had a lot on. So I felt like I had to make up for it and injured my hand... in the end my RR got lost but was found again months later. The members of the group kindly stitched lots of birds for me. Which really was nice. Thanks again girls!

The second one was a free theme. Mine was the magic of childhood. This one went really well and I enjoyed it. But it's still the time pressure which I felt. I don't like the idea of people waiting for me.

The third was between 9 members and organized by me. The theme was free again and mine was African animals and then Cute Things. Why two themes? Well, because one member decided to quietely keep three of the pieces and unfriend all of us. So I had to start a new one. Now I am waiting for my finished piece. The lady who is stitching on it at the moment "has just the backstitch to do". At least that's what she's said a month ago. Do people not know that I am not the most patient person?

The fourth was the Seasonal chairs. Don't get me wrong I will LOVE the finished picture but stitching them was no fun. I might even burn the chart. Hehe. But today I have done the last stitch on the last chair and I am sooooooo relieved. As I say I did not chose the chart. My friend thought it would be neat to have the same pictures in four different countries on three continents. And now I have finished I have to agree. It is going to be amazing! What a wonderful idea! Anyway now I just have to sit back, relax and wait patiently until my chairs come back. I do do patience here because I have seen all four chairs and know they look wonderful :-)

It is going to NZ next where the last chair will be added :-)


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Some Finishes

I know I have been quiet but this does not mean I haven't stitched. ;-) Here are some of my recent finishes. Well, the first two are squares for my afghan. So it will be a while until it is really finished but it is in progress.

The cat is s present for a dear friend of mine. I hope she like it.

As you know footie is on rather a lot right now. So I have dug out Tobias' stocking and am working on this again. And you know what? I am enjoying it :-)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Congratulation to Her Majesty the Queen. Long may she reign. (isn't hat a great song?)

Monday, 23 April 2012

A knitted donkey :-)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Giveaway Over at Kath's Stitching Heaven


today I'd like to tell you about a give away at Kath's Stitching Heaven. The closing date is the 17th April. She's got a lovely blog. So head over and have a look :-)


Monday, 26 March 2012

My first ever Award :-)

I am so happy to have been awarded this award by Vilma from vilmascreation !!! I am really honored to get this award!

Some background: Liebster is a German word, meaning favourite, dearest or beloved and the Liebster is awarded by bloggers to other, newer bloggers, who have fewer than 200 followers, to spread the word and help the new(er)bies gain wider recognition. The award comes with four conditions that each recipient must satisfy when accepting:

1. Choose five up-and-coming blogs (with fewer than 200 followers) to award the Liebster to.

2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

3. Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites. Leave comments on their blogs so they know about the award.

4. Share 5 random facts about yourself that people don't know about you.

I will give an award to the following blogs:

1. Gale at stitchersanon
2. Marion at Villa Kunterbunt
3. Heather at Diary of a single mum
4. Manja at malimaunikate
5. Michelle at stitchcraftplace

Actually, I really wish I could award more bloggers... because each one of us took the time to build it, to post pictures, write about feelings and thoughts. Besides it takes SO many hours to get it running...

Five random facts about me:

1. I am really a rather shy person

2. I have Hypermobilty Syndrome which means I am more bendy than most other people but it also means that too much stitching can give me lots of pain in my wrists

3. I really do NOT like travelling. I am the worst passanger you can imagine ;-)

4. Ironing is over rated, just hang everything up straight and you save precious stitching time ;-)

5. I enjoy showing off my stitching but do NOT like parting with it. This means I must really like you if you receive something stitched from me  ;-)

Now you know my most secret secrets. I hope this works as I am still learning how to blog.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

And another first


well this week seems to be one of firsts. First my very first Blackwork design and now my very first Sockmonkey. They are so easy to make! I'm sure I'll have to do lots more (one for each child)

This one is for Charlotte though. She got some bad new and needed cheering up.

These are the socks:

And here is the finished Susie Sock! :-)

Thursday, 15 March 2012


yes, I know, I know. I did say I am not interested and even though it doe look good it'd be boring to stitch. But hey I can't be right ALL  the time can I? ;-)

I stitched this wonderful chick and it was FUN! Yes fun! So, I'm pretty sure this will not be the last one I've done:

Thursday, 8 March 2012


gosh, I have FINALLY finished the Tatty Teddy on top of this lovely advents calendar. It has taken AGES! But now it's done and I think it was well worth it! ;-)

My OH was complaining I never do the cover kits of my magazines. Well, I have so much on. You wouldn't believe how many UFOs I have (okay some of them are listed on the right). But still I have been a very good(ish) girl and finished THREE. Yeah!

So, now I have to stitch the little pockets for the calendar and then it's back to an other UFO which then will turn into a WIP by magic :-)


Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I'm really busy at the moment. Well, I'm always busy but hey it's fun. I'm still battling with The Tatty Teddy Calendar. I'm nearly there though :-)

On the facebook wall of the cross stitch crazy someone was asking for help. She is trying to do a wall hanging with football crests for a children's hospice. So I stitched this one for her. Please note though, it does not mean I'm a footy fan ;-)

I have been rather naughty too. Well, I suppose one has to treat oneself once in a while doesn't one? So I have ordered this:

I know it is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait 'til it gets here :-D


Sunday, 5 February 2012

To Do List February

Hello Friends,

it seems everyone in bloggerland is doing a to do list for this month. Maybe I'll join in. But mine will be nice and short. Hehe

  1. Finish Tatty Teddy Advent's Calendar
  2. Start "A day in the Life of Tatty Teddy"
  3. Knit some more hats for the teeny weeny babies at Stepping Hill
  4. a secret project (maybe)
Well, that should be enough.

I have knitted two toys from a book which DD1's physio has lend us. Really the girl toy was SUPPOSED to be a birthday present for DS1's friend. But it has been adopted by DD2. So the friend will get a book instead. The soldier is for DS2  ;-)

Have a lovely day.

Bianca x