Sunday, 29 June 2014

Do you know the feeling when you're halfway through a biggish project, it's goin okay but you so want to start something new? Well, I'm there. I am stitching the Native American with his wolf at the moment but you know there is Biancabella shouting in her folder and the fabric I have picked for her is soooooo beautiful. It's Friendship by Polstitches. I've decided on this because the chart was a gift from my wonderful friend Kari :-) But I really really should finish the Native American, shouldn't I. Well, I've got too because I only have one frame big enough for either of them ;-) hehe

This is the wolf which is part of the Native American design

Red Arrow from an old Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Magazine

Thursday, 19 June 2014


We've had quite a few things happening since I last posted:

My Mother in law has died. And yet again I find the British funeral customs strange. But it could have been worse. I believe the whole proper Catholic thing would have been worse, but we just had a Priest at the crem. That was TWO weeks ago!!! Her ashes still haven't been buried yet, It is sooooo slooooooow.

My grandpa hasn't been too well either. Well that's an understatement as he was given only hours but he seems to have pulled through now. Maybe he'll make for his 60th anniversary in November after all?

We have been in London to see Trooping The Colour. It's one of my earliest memories of sitting with my grandpa and watching it on TV when he said 'I wish I was the queen, then I would have two birthdays' Since the borders opened in 1989 I dreamed of going and now I've been. I was amazing!

Naturally I have been stitching too: