Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I'm really busy at the moment. Well, I'm always busy but hey it's fun. I'm still battling with The Tatty Teddy Calendar. I'm nearly there though :-)

On the facebook wall of the cross stitch crazy someone was asking for help. She is trying to do a wall hanging with football crests for a children's hospice. So I stitched this one for her. Please note though, it does not mean I'm a footy fan ;-)

I have been rather naughty too. Well, I suppose one has to treat oneself once in a while doesn't one? So I have ordered this:

I know it is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait 'til it gets here :-D


Sunday, 5 February 2012

To Do List February

Hello Friends,

it seems everyone in bloggerland is doing a to do list for this month. Maybe I'll join in. But mine will be nice and short. Hehe

  1. Finish Tatty Teddy Advent's Calendar
  2. Start "A day in the Life of Tatty Teddy"
  3. Knit some more hats for the teeny weeny babies at Stepping Hill
  4. a secret project (maybe)
Well, that should be enough.

I have knitted two toys from a book which DD1's physio has lend us. Really the girl toy was SUPPOSED to be a birthday present for DS1's friend. But it has been adopted by DD2. So the friend will get a book instead. The soldier is for DS2  ;-)

Have a lovely day.

Bianca x