Thursday, 18 October 2012


I have been busy stitching but somehow not managed a lot. The footie was on an Germany managed to lose a 4 goal lead and drew in the end. I say sack the manager and the useless goalie. I mean what use is a goalkepper who insists on repeately coming out of his goal and strolling down half the field. But then again I di know nothing about football and use it as a boring telly program to stitch too ;-)

As you might have seen on the top of this blog: I am going on holidays. Well, I'm taking my then 5year old to see his German family. Hubby is going to look after the others for a whole week. I know he'll manage but I'll miss them. But this trip is for Mario and me. I feel a lot better in myself since I've booked our flight and the nightmares have gone. 160 days to go.

Have a great day

Bianca x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Yes, I know I should have been updating my blog more often. But sometimes I just update Facebook and the forget this poor thing.

No, I have not cast Henry byside. Okay I took a break because I wasn't too well and also I have stitched a couple of other things in between:

Charlotte's stocking

A Scotland Coaster

Christmas Stars

A London Guardsman
And here is Henry as he and his girls look today:
King Henry