Friday, 29 August 2014

A Finish: Joan Elliott's Native American Brave

I have finished the Native American Brave. Not much time at the moment. There is still a bit to do for the kids' return to school.

and me back home:

Monday, 14 July 2014

Football and Stitching but not at the same time

Yesterday we watched Germany get their fourth star. Yes I am speaking about the football. I really am not all that fussed but people tend to wind me up and then it becomes personal. In this case some little boy commented on Mario's lunchbox (it has a German flag on): 'ew they are rubbish at football' How strange? England got one star and they got it when Mario's grandma (my mum) was still a schoolgirl. Germany has now got 4 stars. Which do YOU think is the better team ;-)

Somehow I really miss my mother in law. She would have been made up that Germany won. She supported them right after England which was really fun to talk about before she took ill.

I haven't stitched all that much of late because of a cold but I do have a finish:

I have no idea yet what I'm going to do with it but then I rarely do.

The wolf on the Native American Brave is finished. I am so glad because these greys made me feel a bit down. I think this picture will take ages to finish because I keep sneaking things in between:

Saturday, 5 July 2014

WIP Native American Brave

I have finally made an appointment get my Tetanus jab. To be honest I am not all that keen since DD1 has had hers because her arm was sore for a whole week. But she has told me that I will not be allowed to go to Germany unless I get it done. (and I thought I was in charge here) Well, I've booked the appointment and WILL go through with it this time.

DD2 has had her full day at High School. It was really strange to see her go off with her big sister. She looked so confident. Let's hope she'll like High School better than Primary School.

The Native American Brave is coming along very slowly. But I WILL finish him. I just don't know when

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Well, it is done. We buried Irene's ashes yesterday. It felt all a bit strange. I had never been to something like this before. There were 4 people there my OH, me, the funeral guy and the grave digger. I did not feel close to Irene at all, which is strange as I always felt full of love when I went to see my grandparents' grave. But then again they have been buried not cremated. I'm full with a cold and was struggling with a massive headache all day. I think I'm going to go again when I feel better to say a little prayer and place some more flowers.

Anyone who knows me might know that I am very good in getting lost. Although I have never got lost in two places: London and the cemetery. I am really good in finding the family grave whereas the "family" (cousins etc.) always struggle. BUT I recently did get lost in Heaton Chapel. Strange isn't it?

Another thing which made me think. When waiting in the office the funeral guy came bursting in nearly bashing me with the door and making me jump. I told my eldest that he scared me half to death. Her reply came quickly: "Business must be slow" Now I am unsure if I should be proud or really scared of her wit. My husband just said that she's turning into me....

My second daughter is having her trial day at High School today. Where has my baby gone? She only started nursery 5 minutes ago.

I haven't managed to stitch much in the last few days due to this cold but spend some time frogging. I made a massive mistake in the wolf's leg but I think it's okay now.... picture to follow

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Back to my roots?

My kids have been asking me about my childhood a lot of late, which made me think. Isn't it funny how things change? I remember when I was 18 I dreamt of driving a rally to experience the freedom and hardships of a rally driver. I loved my little car which was a Trabant. He was really fun to drive and I knew how to deal with him when he was naughty. My friends from way back then might remember being bundled into the back and paying for their ride only to be involved in a race with the PE teacher in his VW. We lost but than again a Trabant is not made for all that many people AND to race. But hey. NOW? I don't even own a car. I haven't driven one for such a long time I think I'd freak out. Strange isn't it?

I'm going home next month, only for a few days. This time I'm taking my 15 year old daughter and my 3 year old son. She is a typical teenager and really could do with some fresh air. He is extremely active and full of beans. I'm hoping to take them back to my roots. Okay we are only going to be there for a few days and as it is a home visit we'll be busy seeing people. But we are hoping to go into the woods to see God's creatures in their natural habitats. We shall fish for creatures from the brook (and put them back after), name and climb trees, make bow and arrows (no plastic involved) and much more. I do feel really close to the lord back home in these woods much closer than I could at church. So this should recharge my batteries and hopefully open my children's eyes as who their mum REALLY is (or was?)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Do you know the feeling when you're halfway through a biggish project, it's goin okay but you so want to start something new? Well, I'm there. I am stitching the Native American with his wolf at the moment but you know there is Biancabella shouting in her folder and the fabric I have picked for her is soooooo beautiful. It's Friendship by Polstitches. I've decided on this because the chart was a gift from my wonderful friend Kari :-) But I really really should finish the Native American, shouldn't I. Well, I've got too because I only have one frame big enough for either of them ;-) hehe

This is the wolf which is part of the Native American design

Red Arrow from an old Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Magazine

Thursday, 19 June 2014


We've had quite a few things happening since I last posted:

My Mother in law has died. And yet again I find the British funeral customs strange. But it could have been worse. I believe the whole proper Catholic thing would have been worse, but we just had a Priest at the crem. That was TWO weeks ago!!! Her ashes still haven't been buried yet, It is sooooo slooooooow.

My grandpa hasn't been too well either. Well that's an understatement as he was given only hours but he seems to have pulled through now. Maybe he'll make for his 60th anniversary in November after all?

We have been in London to see Trooping The Colour. It's one of my earliest memories of sitting with my grandpa and watching it on TV when he said 'I wish I was the queen, then I would have two birthdays' Since the borders opened in 1989 I dreamed of going and now I've been. I was amazing!

Naturally I have been stitching too:


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

This and That

Hi all,
I have been busy with family life. So I keep forgetting about this blog. I know it is outrageous. But hey ;-)
You might remember me telling you that I took part in a round robin way back in 2009. Well it is back home. It was a no rush round robin. So this was okay. But still I am so happy for it to be back home because it looks so amazing! It should be my very last round robin as I have "retired" from doing them
The Chair Round Robin with Kari (Winter), Judy (Autumn), Gill (Spring) and me (Summer)
 My youngest will be starting nursery after Easter. I really think he is ready for it because he gets bored at home. He will need a bag for his spare trousers etc. So I stitched him one. I still have to remove the soluble canvas but I think it looks okay

Tobias' PE Bag
 One of my favourite designers Joan Elliott was feeling a tad down because of people copying her designs and selling them on. So her Facebook group organized a Stitch Along (SAL) to show her how much we like her. We were going to stitch the Dragon and the Unicorn but I felt the others should not be left out and stitched them too. It was rather challenging because of all the fractionals but it was worth it
Joan Elliott Magical Creatures SAL
 Mario started swimming lessons a few weeks ago. We  weren't shocked when he did not like it because his sisters do not like swimming either. He'll carry on though because he does want to learn. He just finds it hard. To cheer him up I stitched him his very own towel
Mario's towel
I am still working on the secret project. It is going really slowly because of all the colour changes and because I do stitch other things in between. It might become a Christmas Present rather than a birthday one.

I have still some things to frame. Next will be the birds some lovely friends have stitched for me when my RR got lost. I have framed a few already but run out of money for the frames and they want to go up together (although two are up already) Originally I wanted to turn them into wall hanging but I am worried to spoil them because so much work went into them. Elsbeth Sewing Machine and me are barely at speaking terms ;-)

Thursday, 20 February 2014



finally I have managed to get some of my stitching framed and put them on the wall. But there is soooo much more

Sunday, 16 February 2014

a tiny finish

I am working on some rather big projects at the moment. So I tend to slip in a few smaller things in between. I have just finished a birthday present for my friend Marion but I am not sure if she reads my blog. SO I'll better don't post a picture before her birthday on July 21st. :-)

The birthday present for my other half is coming along nicely. I might just finish it in time.

My little boy loves Pandas and Racoons. In this months edition of the CrossStitch Crazy they featured a very cute baby panda which I stitched for him. He really loves it :-)