Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Birthday Present

Hello friends,

I have misplaced my stitching bug. I keep starting things but then lose interest. :-( But I HAVE managed to finish this cushion for Maisie's pen friend.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

More decorations

Hello friends,

I have just finished this cute little Margaret Sherry Santa. I stitched it on plastic canvas ready to go on our tree when it goes up on Wednesday. We usually put it up after Maisie's birthday to make it a bit more special.

And this wonderful decoration is something I have received from an exchange. Sweet isn't it?

I have just finshed an big batch of biscuits. Well, money is tight and we'll have to have some pressies for the teachers. Hehe

I have started knitting some socks which seem to be turning out okay! But first of all I'll have to knit some mittens for my Charlotte. She has a really bad hand (long story) and can not wear gloves at the moment. One is done but the other one is still waiting ;-)

Have a wonderful 4th Advent


Thursday, 8 December 2011


I have been busy making some decorations. The decorations on the first two pictures are sweet little tug decorations, where I just had to stitch the designs and then tug them in :-)

I still have some more to do though ;-)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Finish! ;-)

I have been searching for the perfect chart to finsh off this wonderful Alphabet by Sherry for quite some time. Now my eldest was put on the case and she found this wonderful Archie in one of my bookazines. She said it'd be great to finish off with an Archie because I started with an Archie. I think she was right. It looks great. Now I'll have to think how to display it best.


Hello friends,

My friend Gale is hosting a giveaway! Please go and visit her at: Stitchersanon's Blog and Giveaway (please click)

Good Luck! x

Friday, 18 November 2011


well, it is rather miserable here this week. Tobias is full with a cold AND teething and Mario is sad. His best friend has moved to an other nursery. So I got out all my old mags to cheer myself up :-)

I did not stitch much but I still finished this biscornu for my dear friend Aiko and did a bit more on the stocking. The biscornu is stitched on evenweave and there are some lovely beads on it.

Monday, 7 November 2011

And the Stocking again


gosh I'm tired. I have been up since 2.30am! Okay I had a nap at 5 for a few minutes but I am SO extremely tired that I can not see properly. But never mind. I was thinking about what to do with all my finished projects (which just had to move into a bigger box) So I have decided I WILL try a my hands on a quilt. For this I still need a selfhealing mat for my fancy new rotary cutter. I'm a bit bored of wonky cushions now. So watch this space. Well, you'll have to wait a tiny bit because I can't order the mat until my birthday ;-) which is in the end of this month.

Well here is today's picture. I didn't stitch as much I liked but it is coming along:


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello again,

well you know what? I have relized I can NOT show you some of my finishes as yet because they're going to be pressies. But here are the latest finishes which you ARE allowed to see ;-)

This is going to be turned into a cushio for tiny baby Naomi. It's  her Christening on Sunday and we are invited back for a breakfast in the hall. I only found out this Sunday. So I was a bit panicky but hey the stitching is done :-)

And this is FINALLY finished too. Isn't it lovely. It spells Happy Christmas in German. Perfect!

Now I still haven't finished "In his Arms" but I will (some day) hehe.

Have a nice day


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Busy busy

Hello friends,

I know I have not uploaded any pictures what seems like ages. And you might think I'm still mourning my daft lot in Germany. But no: I have just been way too busy stitching.

I have finished so may things it'll take me a few posts to upload them all. So I have put only a few int his posts: The little Angel is from the Hummel Christmas Book. I wasn't certain about the colours but as you can see it did work out beautifully.

This little cat is a birthday present for my friend. I hope she'll like it

 This angel is a mini-stocking. I'm hoping to make a few more of these and actually make them into stockings for the tree

Here I tried out some metallics. It looks okay but I'll never love metallics ;-)

And these are some ATC's I have made.

So, I know it's short but I have to get back to do some more stitching. My current project ist "In his Arms" by Dimensions. It semms to be taking ages to finish but there are so many colour changes that'm tempted to give up. But I'll better carry on and do some little projects in between.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hello friends,

sorry I haven't updated the blog for so long. I have been really busy. As you can see I have some finishes:

The Autumn Chair for Judy:
I must say I found it REALLY hard to send it back to her which is another reason that I'm retiring from Round Robins after the two I'm doing now. There are also always some people what mess you about. But this group is really nice. I'm looking forward to the finished product. And you'll never know I might even frame it ;-)

I was really lucky and won the chart for this lovely little Koala by Carrol Nielson:

And I know you have been waiting for more Humphreys and here he is:

This little Superhero must be my favourite. He's for my lovely Mario because he's had to put up with so much and now is just a normal little boy who now even can run and jump :-)

And I do still stitch and collect ATC's. I have stitched these ones for various swaps:

Unfortunately I feel really low right now. But I have decided that I have had enough of all the insults and upsets which my German family is causing. The latest being that even though I'm welcome in Germany for a birthday party of my grandmother but my family isn't it. They said the language is the problem but I know that this is not the only reason. And I'm to make my own way 'til the closest city where my halfblind grandfather would pick me up with the car. WELL. We had to pick my father up from the airport and give him 5 Star treatment with tours etc just one day before Tobias' Christening but he can't pick me up? Not that I would go now anyway. I just like to wish them "Have a nice Life" because this is it. Sorry for the rant. :-(

Have a nice week

Oh, I nearly forgot: I'm off to the Stitch Show on Saturday because I WON the tickets from CrossStitcher Magazine! :-) 

Friday, 5 August 2011


I can't remember if Tobias has showed you his birthsampler just yet. But here it is. He is teething at the moment. So you can imagine how much (or less) sleep we are getting. ;-)

At the moment I'm working on The Piano Lesson by Just a moment. It is just gorgeous. I'm also working on a little James from Thomas the tank engine for a birthday swap between some little babies from and the usual ATC's and the RR.

Well I hope these teeth will get through soon

Have a lovely day


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Well, blogger's playing silly beggers again. I try to add pictures but blogger can not be contacted. I don't know why.

I'm really excited. Why? I have finally ordered The Piano Lesson from Just a Moment. It's just amazing and I wanted it a long while. My MIL gave us just the right amount for our anniversary and it was decided I needed cheering up. Well, I'm okay really but I wasn't going to argue. Hehe

I'll let you know how I get on if blogger lets me.

Also I have some finishes but I think I'l add them in a separate post just in case.

Oh yes, don't know if you noticed but in top of this page is a link to a new yahoo group. We are looking for new members :-)

So let's see if this works.....

Sunday, 8 May 2011

More Finishes and an update


I have been having some troubles with blogger. It just wouldn't post. So I'm going to try again:

I'm working on this Humphrey's Corner Sampler at the moment. I seem to have misplaced the alphabet but I hope I'll find it before it's finished.

These little cats were a pleasure to stitch. Well most of the time. The floss did knot quite a lot but I think it was really worth it.

and aren't these Dolphins lovely? They just make me smile.

And I've even finished the Nuts about Autumn Sampler. This was the first time I've worked on linen. So it took me some time. There are still some buttons to attach and I have a lovely acorn shaped frame for it.

I have done some more stitching but these are ATC's and a surprise. I can't post pictures until I have send them off ;-)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Give Away


Heather at is having a give away. Look at all this lovely stuff you could win:

Good Luck :-)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Latest Finishes


I have been busy stitching. I have done these two ATC's for a swap on Facebook

And here is the finished Biscornu. It was quite tricky to stitch on this evenweave but it worked out really well. I quite like these little things

I'm doing a PIF and had to stitch for three ladies on FB. I'm going to make pinkeeps from them I think

My January list has been neglected a bit. But I have worked on the Nuts about autumn one and it's nearly finished.

Mario has just started nursery. So I'm far too nervous to stitch during the day. He only goes in the afternoon but he's doing really well.

Friday, 15 April 2011


Hi, I have just entered a a giveaway on It was Ruth's birthday. So she's decided to host a giveaway which is really nice of her. Good Luck to everyone entering and Happy Birthday Ruth! Love Bianca

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nice Things

This is the ATC I have received from the ATC exchange on Facebook. The topic was transport. Now I have two cards in my album ;-)

This month's topic are AOY and letter K (don't ask why K)

I got this heart from an exchange from the Yahoo-group X-Stitch monthly. It is really lovely. Thank you Bev.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Tobias was baptised last Sunday. It was a lovely occasion. My dad and his wife came over from Germany. My friend Marion from is one of Tobias' godparents On Monday an other stitching friend Tara came with her husband all the way from down South to meet Marion and me. It was really nice to meet them and the time just flew by. Hopefully we'll meet again soon :-) (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to publish their pictures)