Saturday, 29 October 2011

Busy busy

Hello friends,

I know I have not uploaded any pictures what seems like ages. And you might think I'm still mourning my daft lot in Germany. But no: I have just been way too busy stitching.

I have finished so may things it'll take me a few posts to upload them all. So I have put only a few int his posts: The little Angel is from the Hummel Christmas Book. I wasn't certain about the colours but as you can see it did work out beautifully.

This little cat is a birthday present for my friend. I hope she'll like it

 This angel is a mini-stocking. I'm hoping to make a few more of these and actually make them into stockings for the tree

Here I tried out some metallics. It looks okay but I'll never love metallics ;-)

And these are some ATC's I have made.

So, I know it's short but I have to get back to do some more stitching. My current project ist "In his Arms" by Dimensions. It semms to be taking ages to finish but there are so many colour changes that'm tempted to give up. But I'll better carry on and do some little projects in between.


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  1. ooo loads of stitching! Well done, they are all beautiful finishes and I am looking forwards to seeing the next lot xxxx