Saturday, 24 November 2012

Well, I'm back from my very short trip to good old Germany. My grandpa is quite ill but he got over the first operation okay. let's hope he'll be okay

Friday, 16 November 2012

Give Away at Heather's


I know you are shocked but I just thought I'll tell you that Heather is having yet another give away over at Isn't she generous. Anyway why don't you pop over and enter. all you need to do is to be a followerer of her blog and post about this on your blog.

Good Luck! x

Unscheduled Trip....

Hallo my dear friends,

I must apologize that I haven't updated Henry for a while. It's not that he's been cast in the UFO box. Far from it. I do stitch on him from time to time. But there where a few things which had to be done first:

My grandpa is poorly, very poorly. He has bowel cancer and will be operated on next Thursday. I've had a bad feeling for a while and a bid urge to visit him. That's why I booked a flight to go and see him. As you might remember my family in Germany is not the most loving and I am the black sheep because I dared to have more than two kids and never do as I am told. ;-) It is very difficult for them because my brother and cousins always do so which is easy because they are not only local but also have no kids. Anyway I have been told to wait and see and  to stay away for now. But I am going. So there! And I am actually looking forward to see my grandpa even though my grandma isn't. I will be staying at my friends house, which is so very kind of her.

My own kids have been in the wars too in the last year. I don't usually write about them because this is a stitching blog. My just so you'll understand: my 4year old has one accident after an other due to VERY loose ligaments and my eldest has a bad injury to her thumb also due to loose ligaments. it did happen in November 2011 and she still can't use her right hand at all. She now has trained herself to use the left hand. I have a lot of appointments with her. She is waiting to be seen by Manchester Children's Hospital to be checked out for her dizzy spells

As we all know Santa will be coming soon and this time of year is very busy when you have kids. I love the Nativity at school don't you? It's always me who waves at her child and sniffles all the way through because I am soooooo proud. And there are the parent's evenings. I really find them a waste of time for primary children because these teachers never do tell what's going on. Must be against their human rights. :-D

Anyway I've managed to postphone all appointments for next week and am going to Germany if they want me or not. I haven't flown for 7 years and my OH has to look after my four sweeties for 3 whole nights by himself. So I am nervous. ;-)

And if there isn't going enough going on in my own life: there are people which had to share the most horrible things with me. I know it is bad and I do feel for you and your family but I did say, there will be not much more I can take. You know how it is sometimes one has so much troubles that it would be bad if someone else unloads their trouble onto you and you would not be able to go on without breaking out in tears. It is important being a good friend and to support your friend when they are going through a rough patch. But it also important for the friend to know how much their friend (in this case me) can take. What do you think?

So I think I have winged enough. Give yourself a star if you have read it all :-)


Monday, 5 November 2012

Give-Away over at Heather's

Hiya friends,

I'm just passing but I like to tell you about the fabulous Heather is hosting at Her blog is really ace. So just head over and have a go.

Bianca x