Thursday, 20 February 2014



finally I have managed to get some of my stitching framed and put them on the wall. But there is soooo much more

Sunday, 16 February 2014

a tiny finish

I am working on some rather big projects at the moment. So I tend to slip in a few smaller things in between. I have just finished a birthday present for my friend Marion but I am not sure if she reads my blog. SO I'll better don't post a picture before her birthday on July 21st. :-)

The birthday present for my other half is coming along nicely. I might just finish it in time.

My little boy loves Pandas and Racoons. In this months edition of the CrossStitch Crazy they featured a very cute baby panda which I stitched for him. He really loves it :-)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014



somehow I got a teeny bit carried away. My current WIPs are Bothy's King and Queens, Joan Elliott's Angel of Joy, the Rat pack by Jann Designs and a birthday present for my dear friend Marion.

The Rat Pack is going to be a present for my husband. He really wanted a stitched picture of Dean Martin for our "Wall of Fame".... It is not easy to stitch secret projects when you have appointments and thing to do and the dreaded potty training, even though we're doing okay with the latter.

Here is a picture of nearly 1/6th of the rat pack finished:

I have been busy framing some of my stitching. But now the double sided sticky tape is all gone :-o So I have to wait 'til the people of the Happy CrossStitcher will send more. It appears I do not have enough wall space for a fraction of it all which means I'll need to win the lotto did get a bigger house :-P But It's looking good already :-)