Friday, 24 August 2012


 as you know I was dreading my visit to London because I sometimes get lost. But I did enjoy it! Really I did. Okay I did not see everything but this was mainly due to the nature of my visit. I went there because I needed a new passport and the embassy wanted the presence of my fingertips for fingerprints. While I was there I went on a tour through the state rooms at Buckingham Palace. it was absolutely amazing. I was in rooms which are used for receptions and where people receive all sort of honours like an OBE or a knighthood and had a cakey in the garden cafe

I went for a walk about in Green Park (right next to the palace) and even ventured past James' Park to the houses of Parliament and saw Big Ben. It was 8.30 am when I saw Big Ben and it struck. Well I was surprised how quiet it was. I expected an enourmous BONG but it was a tiny bong which was really rather lovely

After my date at the Embassy I had enough time left to go and see the changing of the guards. WOWEE! There were soooooooo many people. See the difference between a photo taken at 8 am and one at 11.30am :

Buckingham Palace at 8 am

Buckingham Palace at 11.30 am showing the Fountain

And here is little very shaky video of what I saw during the Changing of the Guards.

I like London so much that I am certain I'll be going back again before my new Passport runs out ;-)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

King Henry Update 9th August

I have another finish. This little bear has been on my list for a while. It's only very little but somehow it got pushed to the back a few times. It is a Rico Design and even comes with it's own frame. I have added "Gute Nacht" because it will help my little boy to have sweet dreams when he goes to sleep :-)

And here is Henry. I have been busy with other things as well as stitching the other design. This is why I haven't managed too much this time ;-)

Monday, 6 August 2012

King Henry Update and Two small finishes

I have been struggling with Anne's dress. But it's finally coming along.

Mr T has discovered his love for anything Thomas. I did start this little cushion a while ago but struggled with fitting the name neately into the space for the ticket. The chart said All Aboard in capital letters. I'm not too keen on writing things for kids in capital letters as they'll need to write their names properly once they're in nursery

This cat has had to be finished. I usually stitch something small when I take Mario to my friends house for his piano lessons. But I have been stitching this cat for nearly 4 lessons now. Last week I left it without a head. But now it's finished and waiting to be turned into a hanger for the Christmas Tree festival.

Tonight I am hoping to stitch more on Henry and his wives.

Oh before I'll forget: I have researched Henry amd his kids and know now more but this is not a history blog. So you'll have to do your own research if you'll want to know more but be warned it's rather sad.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

King Henry 4th August

King Henry is coming along. I have started the dress of Wife No 3 and Wife No 4. As you can see I have put a measuring tape on the picture. King Henry was really a rather large guy wasn't he? He must have been rathe scary because no one was THAT big in them days. I believe he was believe he was 6' 2". Stitching Henry got me thinking about the history of Britain. I want to know more about Heny's kids. Why did Edward die so young and why did Mary die? Did you know that Henry changed the law, so that his daughters could become queens? What would Britain have become without the powerful Queen Elizabeth I?

Anyway I'm still watching the OLympics and enjoying it (most of the times). Does anyone know about that funny guy who starts the cycle races? Our theory is that it is a postman and the others are chasing him because he's got their post. But I'll doubt that is the real reason...

What do you think?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

King Henry Update 2nd August

Well, I must say the Olympics are rather thrilling although I am getting bored of the swimming. I really enjoyed the Three Day Eventing and was pleased to see that Team D has won GOLD! YEAH! Michael Jung is now European, World AND Olympian Champion in his sport. That is a first. And he got Gold on his 30th birthday!!! But this is not a sport's blog. I am sure you are poised to see King Henry. As I say I have been watching the Olympics and didn't get as much done as I wanted to but here he is: