Monday, 6 August 2012

King Henry Update and Two small finishes

I have been struggling with Anne's dress. But it's finally coming along.

Mr T has discovered his love for anything Thomas. I did start this little cushion a while ago but struggled with fitting the name neately into the space for the ticket. The chart said All Aboard in capital letters. I'm not too keen on writing things for kids in capital letters as they'll need to write their names properly once they're in nursery

This cat has had to be finished. I usually stitch something small when I take Mario to my friends house for his piano lessons. But I have been stitching this cat for nearly 4 lessons now. Last week I left it without a head. But now it's finished and waiting to be turned into a hanger for the Christmas Tree festival.

Tonight I am hoping to stitch more on Henry and his wives.

Oh before I'll forget: I have researched Henry amd his kids and know now more but this is not a history blog. So you'll have to do your own research if you'll want to know more but be warned it's rather sad.

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