Saturday, 4 August 2012

King Henry 4th August

King Henry is coming along. I have started the dress of Wife No 3 and Wife No 4. As you can see I have put a measuring tape on the picture. King Henry was really a rather large guy wasn't he? He must have been rathe scary because no one was THAT big in them days. I believe he was believe he was 6' 2". Stitching Henry got me thinking about the history of Britain. I want to know more about Heny's kids. Why did Edward die so young and why did Mary die? Did you know that Henry changed the law, so that his daughters could become queens? What would Britain have become without the powerful Queen Elizabeth I?

Anyway I'm still watching the OLympics and enjoying it (most of the times). Does anyone know about that funny guy who starts the cycle races? Our theory is that it is a postman and the others are chasing him because he's got their post. But I'll doubt that is the real reason...

What do you think?

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