Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hello friends,

sorry I haven't updated the blog for so long. I have been really busy. As you can see I have some finishes:

The Autumn Chair for Judy:
I must say I found it REALLY hard to send it back to her which is another reason that I'm retiring from Round Robins after the two I'm doing now. There are also always some people what mess you about. But this group is really nice. I'm looking forward to the finished product. And you'll never know I might even frame it ;-)

I was really lucky and won the chart for this lovely little Koala by Carrol Nielson:

And I know you have been waiting for more Humphreys and here he is:

This little Superhero must be my favourite. He's for my lovely Mario because he's had to put up with so much and now is just a normal little boy who now even can run and jump :-)

And I do still stitch and collect ATC's. I have stitched these ones for various swaps:

Unfortunately I feel really low right now. But I have decided that I have had enough of all the insults and upsets which my German family is causing. The latest being that even though I'm welcome in Germany for a birthday party of my grandmother but my family isn't it. They said the language is the problem but I know that this is not the only reason. And I'm to make my own way 'til the closest city where my halfblind grandfather would pick me up with the car. WELL. We had to pick my father up from the airport and give him 5 Star treatment with tours etc just one day before Tobias' Christening but he can't pick me up? Not that I would go now anyway. I just like to wish them "Have a nice Life" because this is it. Sorry for the rant. :-(

Have a nice week

Oh, I nearly forgot: I'm off to the Stitch Show on Saturday because I WON the tickets from CrossStitcher Magazine! :-) 


  1. Wow, hast Du tolle Sachen gestickt. Natürlich werde ich Dir nach Donnerstag eine Mail schicken. Such einen schönen aus, vielleicht einen blauen, oder lila, damit Charlotte sich gerne an die Hausaufgaben macht. xxx Marion

  2. Beautiful, beautiful stitching. Sorry about the family issues..we all have them I guess. It is their loss as it is they who will be missing out on meeting such a wonderful family and fantastic children! xxxxx