Thursday, 3 July 2014

Well, it is done. We buried Irene's ashes yesterday. It felt all a bit strange. I had never been to something like this before. There were 4 people there my OH, me, the funeral guy and the grave digger. I did not feel close to Irene at all, which is strange as I always felt full of love when I went to see my grandparents' grave. But then again they have been buried not cremated. I'm full with a cold and was struggling with a massive headache all day. I think I'm going to go again when I feel better to say a little prayer and place some more flowers.

Anyone who knows me might know that I am very good in getting lost. Although I have never got lost in two places: London and the cemetery. I am really good in finding the family grave whereas the "family" (cousins etc.) always struggle. BUT I recently did get lost in Heaton Chapel. Strange isn't it?

Another thing which made me think. When waiting in the office the funeral guy came bursting in nearly bashing me with the door and making me jump. I told my eldest that he scared me half to death. Her reply came quickly: "Business must be slow" Now I am unsure if I should be proud or really scared of her wit. My husband just said that she's turning into me....

My second daughter is having her trial day at High School today. Where has my baby gone? She only started nursery 5 minutes ago.

I haven't managed to stitch much in the last few days due to this cold but spend some time frogging. I made a massive mistake in the wolf's leg but I think it's okay now.... picture to follow

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