Monday, 14 July 2014

Football and Stitching but not at the same time

Yesterday we watched Germany get their fourth star. Yes I am speaking about the football. I really am not all that fussed but people tend to wind me up and then it becomes personal. In this case some little boy commented on Mario's lunchbox (it has a German flag on): 'ew they are rubbish at football' How strange? England got one star and they got it when Mario's grandma (my mum) was still a schoolgirl. Germany has now got 4 stars. Which do YOU think is the better team ;-)

Somehow I really miss my mother in law. She would have been made up that Germany won. She supported them right after England which was really fun to talk about before she took ill.

I haven't stitched all that much of late because of a cold but I do have a finish:

I have no idea yet what I'm going to do with it but then I rarely do.

The wolf on the Native American Brave is finished. I am so glad because these greys made me feel a bit down. I think this picture will take ages to finish because I keep sneaking things in between:

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  1. Beautiful finish! I love the bright colors in the bird.