Tuesday, 1 April 2014

This and That

Hi all,
I have been busy with family life. So I keep forgetting about this blog. I know it is outrageous. But hey ;-)
You might remember me telling you that I took part in a round robin way back in 2009. Well it is back home. It was a no rush round robin. So this was okay. But still I am so happy for it to be back home because it looks so amazing! It should be my very last round robin as I have "retired" from doing them
The Chair Round Robin with Kari (Winter), Judy (Autumn), Gill (Spring) and me (Summer)
 My youngest will be starting nursery after Easter. I really think he is ready for it because he gets bored at home. He will need a bag for his spare trousers etc. So I stitched him one. I still have to remove the soluble canvas but I think it looks okay

Tobias' PE Bag
 One of my favourite designers Joan Elliott was feeling a tad down because of people copying her designs and selling them on. So her Facebook group organized a Stitch Along (SAL) to show her how much we like her. We were going to stitch the Dragon and the Unicorn but I felt the others should not be left out and stitched them too. It was rather challenging because of all the fractionals but it was worth it
Joan Elliott Magical Creatures SAL
 Mario started swimming lessons a few weeks ago. We  weren't shocked when he did not like it because his sisters do not like swimming either. He'll carry on though because he does want to learn. He just finds it hard. To cheer him up I stitched him his very own towel
Mario's towel
I am still working on the secret project. It is going really slowly because of all the colour changes and because I do stitch other things in between. It might become a Christmas Present rather than a birthday one.

I have still some things to frame. Next will be the birds some lovely friends have stitched for me when my RR got lost. I have framed a few already but run out of money for the frames and they want to go up together (although two are up already) Originally I wanted to turn them into wall hanging but I am worried to spoil them because so much work went into them. Elsbeth Sewing Machine and me are barely at speaking terms ;-)

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