Sunday, 29 June 2014

Do you know the feeling when you're halfway through a biggish project, it's goin okay but you so want to start something new? Well, I'm there. I am stitching the Native American with his wolf at the moment but you know there is Biancabella shouting in her folder and the fabric I have picked for her is soooooo beautiful. It's Friendship by Polstitches. I've decided on this because the chart was a gift from my wonderful friend Kari :-) But I really really should finish the Native American, shouldn't I. Well, I've got too because I only have one frame big enough for either of them ;-) hehe

This is the wolf which is part of the Native American design

Red Arrow from an old Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Magazine

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  1. I know you can push through on your Native American project. The wolf looks amazing :) My second cross stitch project I ever did was a Native American on a horse.