Thursday, 12 July 2012

Round Robins

Round Robins: They are a fun idea and in theory a great way to do things you would not think of before. But I must say, I've had enough of them. So I am announcing my retirement from them ;-)

I have taken part in four. The first one has had a Christmas Theme and everyone had a sub-theme. Mine was Flowers. There were 4 members. Anyway we had really tight time schedule because it was to be ready for Christmas. I was quite new to stitching and the lady before me send late because she was a slow stitcher and had a lot on. So I felt like I had to make up for it and injured my hand... in the end my RR got lost but was found again months later. The members of the group kindly stitched lots of birds for me. Which really was nice. Thanks again girls!

The second one was a free theme. Mine was the magic of childhood. This one went really well and I enjoyed it. But it's still the time pressure which I felt. I don't like the idea of people waiting for me.

The third was between 9 members and organized by me. The theme was free again and mine was African animals and then Cute Things. Why two themes? Well, because one member decided to quietely keep three of the pieces and unfriend all of us. So I had to start a new one. Now I am waiting for my finished piece. The lady who is stitching on it at the moment "has just the backstitch to do". At least that's what she's said a month ago. Do people not know that I am not the most patient person?

The fourth was the Seasonal chairs. Don't get me wrong I will LOVE the finished picture but stitching them was no fun. I might even burn the chart. Hehe. But today I have done the last stitch on the last chair and I am sooooooo relieved. As I say I did not chose the chart. My friend thought it would be neat to have the same pictures in four different countries on three continents. And now I have finished I have to agree. It is going to be amazing! What a wonderful idea! Anyway now I just have to sit back, relax and wait patiently until my chairs come back. I do do patience here because I have seen all four chairs and know they look wonderful :-)

It is going to NZ next where the last chair will be added :-)

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