Friday, 7 June 2013

King Henry


I know you think I had given up and he joined some UFOs in my box. You were nearly right but after a big break Henry wanted to be finished and I REALLY enjoyed every stitch even though there are masses of French Knots. Now he is finished and waiting for a frame (I hope I'll find one).

King Henry VIII and his wives
I don't know if I have mentioned about the two Humphrey Corner test pieces I stitched for the designer? You can buy them now. So I think it's save to put them on my blog. Aren't they cute?

Now will someone tell my brother or cousins to have kids? I need someone to stitch the others for ;-)

Tobias LOVES Racoons. He has a fluffy one and gets really upset if he mislays it. So I have stitched him one


  1. Henry turned out beautiful. Love your other pieces too, that raccoon is too cute!

  2. You have been a very busy stitcher -so pretty pieces all :)
    Enjoy the weekend !