Saturday, 7 January 2012

Margaret Sherry's Calendar Cats


I have finished the January Cat and started the February one. But they will have to take a little break because the last WWRR has arrived and I want to finish that first.

I'm really busy with hospital appointments at the moment. Charlotte's hand is really bad. But that's a long story and does not belong on here ;-)

Have a lovely day



  1. Hallo Bianca,

    dein Januar Bild ist wirklich toll und ich bin auf deinen Februar gespannt. Deiner Tochter wünsche ich gute Besserung, das mit ihrer Hand bald alles wieder okay ist.

    <3-liche Grüße, Manja

  2. This looks absolutely beautify. Well done. You are way ahead of me! I can't wait to see it completed with all the other months.

    Take Care and Happy Stitching

    Mary Joan