Monday, 23 January 2012



this week I have been very busy......playing on Maisie's DS. I'm playing the game Anno and it's so much fun. But I have benn stitching too (when it needed charging) and have two finishes. Ted wanted me to stitch Grace Kelly for him. Well, he did ask rather nicely. And I just had to stitch Mario's Ambulance right away. Lucy Heaton charted it just for him in the Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine. :-)

I did knit a little bit as well. But it was rather disappointing. The socks for Tobias have turned out way too small. I guess I should have measured his feet rather than trusting the measurementd given for a two year old. Either he has big feet or American babies have teeny weeny feet ;-)


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  1. fantastic finishes there Bianca.

    i have the same problem with knitting things for a specific size, they never come out the same as what they are supposed to do lol ;)