Tuesday, 11 January 2011

UFO's and First Finishes

Hi everyone,
I still haven't worked out how to get gaps on here. I'm pressing the return key but that doesn't seem to work.
Well, I'm still battling with the table runner. Somehow I'm bored of it again.

So I have started this little bird. He's one of two. It looks a bit dirty on this photo but that's fortunatly just Santa shining through the aida.

I have also finished a couple of small things. These two angels are for a babyloss charity. A friend from Facebook asked for help and here they are. I think it works so much better on the 16 count but I was to use any sraps I have left.

And this lovely little chick. Isn't he cute? Well he's on Tobias' hooded bath towel. So Tobias can look REALLY sweet when he finishes his splash around :-)

And not to forget this tiny wreath. A Facebook friend has send me this lovely kit for Christmas. It'll be hanging on our Christmas tree next year!

So back to my stitching now.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

UFO Challenge

Hi everyone,

I have been stitching the last few days. really I have but somehow I can not be bothered to upload the pictures. I might do it tomorrow.

I have finished the wreath. It was only small. And I could easyly stich it whilst feeding baby on the left side. The table runner is bigger. So it is rather more difficult to do so. There is a greater danger that baby T catches it when his milk makes a return visit. ;-) Well never mind. I'm doing good progress anyway. I think I'll even be able to keep going and finish it sometime. It will look great!

I don't know which UFO to pick next. I'll finish this one first.

Next weekend I'll be deciding on a pattern for a heart I'm going to stitch for an exchange group. Then my Round Robin will go on it's journey. I have picked the theme African Animals because my middle daughter loves giraffes and elephants and I adore zebras (my favourite animals are zebras and also cows)

Also I'm taking part in a PIF on Facebook. I have never done one before but I'm sure it'll keep me busy.

Oh, yes we also have been organizing T's big day. Hell be baptized on March, 27th. We have organized the church, catering, hall, entertainer and godparents. Next will be the cake....

Have a lovely day


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Crazy January Challenge

Here are my 15 projects for 2011. Some of them I've already started. Some are new and some have been on yhe to-do-list for ages. I hope to finish every single one but I don't know if I will. Having a toddler, a baby and two girls doesn't always leave time for stitching.

Happy New Year!