Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year my friends. I hope 2013 will be better than 2012 ended. Not that 2012 wasn't okay as a whole. I mean come on: We've had a Confirmation, a first day of school, a first trip to London, a visit to Germany (even though the reason was not nice) and lots of stitching and a little knitting as well as fame in some Cross Stitch Magazines and a knitting one as well :-D

But as if it is not enough to worry about my poorly grandpa we have now a new worry. We do not know how he's doing but he's allowed to smoke and drink as much as he wants. I doubt that's good :-(

Some of you might know that my MIL has gone rather strange of late. It's way too much to go into here but to get to a point, she really is supposed to phone us once a day that we know she is well(ish). She has not been doing this or rather erratic. My OH has had to go several times to break into the house (she has things behind the doors) and there she was watching TV. It was different on New Years Eve. This time she actually did collapse. Let's just say the calendar was on the 28th in her house.... She is in hospital now but we'll have to make some very difficult decisions now. She is 81....

But I have managed some stitching.....

A Charly Bear for my afghan

Fingerless Mittens for Charlotte

The finished sampler for my OH with things he likes

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  1. Happy New Year!!!

    Sorry to hear your MIL and grandpa have been ill Bianca, hope they both recover soon xx

    I love the pattern for the gloves, nice and bright at this time of year.