Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Finally I have finished all the My First Christmas Hearts. It's not easy when you have a little one and a toddler ;-)

I'm stitching on a hooded towel at the moment. I have won this from the craftbubble last year, thinking I'll probably be stitching this for the grandkids should I be lucky enough to have some in the future but along came Tobias. Well Icouldn't stitch on the crown as it is rather girly. So I have decided on a Valerie Pfeiffer Sparrow. I call T. Spatz which means Sparrow. I might get it ready some time. :-D

On FB I have signed up for a Round Robin with 9 other girls. I'm a bit worried because it is such a big group. I haven't even decided on a theme. I'll keep you posted.

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