Friday, 15 January 2010

Right then. I have finally finished stitching Maisie's Christmas stocking. I'll put in a picture when the battery of my camera charged :-)

It is awful here today. Our road and Beech Road is covered in black ice and it is raining. You can imagine how difficult it is to walk on this. But we did make it to school even though it took us best part of 45 minutes (normally 20 mins) I'm dreading picking up time if that stuff is still down then. Charlotte has her last maths tuition tonight. So Maisie, Mario and me will have to hang around there somewhere. Lets hope the cafe on the main road isn't too busy.

My next stitching project will "Baby Talk" from Humphrey's corner. It reminds me of when Mario has a little chat on his red toy telephone!

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  1. Well done on your finish! I kept my son off school...I am not falling on my butt for anyone lol